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David Vine, Writer/Producer/Director
New Series Project...

Assassination by Media
Please join us August 9 at 4 pm to share your opinion on news media bias during our Google Hangout live video conversation. No camera or microphone is necessary.
I believe in the U.S. Constitution. I am a zealot for the Bill of Rights.

As a life-long communicator I am compelled to report on topics that I believe
are crucial to the survival of our country.

My passion is promoting fair and unbiased news reporting. I am dismayed at what I see today. News became infotainment.
Today infotainment has metastasized into political propaganda.

I'm dedicated to exposing this and providing alternatives for a free
and informed citizenry so vital to American society. Please see this video and share it if you agree with it.
Thank you,

David Vine