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New Series Project...

Assassination by Media

The Edward R. Murrow
Senator Joseph McCarthy Case

Third in the series...

Murrow was one of many journalists whose personal opinions ultimately ended the important work of the Senator McCarthy and the Senate Governmental Operations permanent investigations subcommittee exposing communists and communist sympathizers working in the U.S. Government.

Most if not all of these accusations were proven to be true, supported by various government documentation. Some of this documentation was classified secret by the Army Security Agency and other vital information was held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. All of it was withheld from Senator McCarthy.

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David Vine

Assassination By Media: The Trump Case - First in a series
I believe in the U.S. Constitution. I am a zealot for the Bill of Rights.

As a life-long communicator I am compelled to report on topics that I believe
are crucial to the survival of our country.

My passion is promoting fair and unbiased news reporting. I am dismayed at what I see today. News became infotainment.
Today infotainment has metastasized into political propaganda.

I'm dedicated to exposing this and providing alternatives for a free
and informed citizenry so vital to American society. Please see this video and share it if you agree with it.
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David Vine